On Friday, February 22, 2021, I wrote a poem about the Texas Winter Storm Disaster, below is a reprint of the poem from my website.


Frozen, to the bone

Burn all that’s around to survive

A freeze that shouldn’t of shut us down

Frozen darkness

Hours on end

Freezing cold

Freezing cold

Tapping a person’s soul

Searching for strength

Hours upon hours

Digging for courage

Freezing in the dark

Electricity, water, food, everything of need evaporates

Never knowing when relief will arrive,

Despair grows

Deepens into memories for tomorrow

Cold, brittle bones break into

Piling up, alongside the ill planning of others,


beyond the shallow halls watch from afar

While families toss childhood dreams to the flames

to melt away the ice

The loss is immeasurable

The cost is astronomical


The poem was originally posted on my website https://www.tiffanysunday.com/2021/02/frozen-a-poem-about-the-texas-winter-storm-disaster-by-tiffany-sunday/

My poetry crosses so many themes making it difficult for book stores and algorithms to find the perfect category for my work. I love the bareness of winter landscape —…

Somewhere along the slow days of 4th grade, I wrote my first poem on a sheet of notebook paper hidden from the world—five or six sentences of freedom to express what I felt even then as a kid. Tucked away in my backpack, the poem remained as a silent supportive new friend. As the days passed, I would read the poem and then return it to its safe place from time to time.

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I know the response seems over simplified, with a fog of rudeness floating just above the words.

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Dyslexia is invisible.

We cannot see how the unique wiring impacts each individual nor can we see the brilliance that lies beneath the surface of misspelled words, word retrieval misfires, and slow reading times.

The invisibility creates a false sense of reality. On the surface, a student’s learning abilities may appear to be sufficient, when in fact the student is struggling in every class. The student becomes increasing disengaged as they do not understand the material given to them nor can they complete their class assignments.

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Tiffany Sunday

Author, Poet, Writer, 2015 TEDx Presenter, Avid runner @tiffany_sunday www.tiffanysunday.com

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